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Harini Hospitals - It is all started with an idea, concept and purpose to provide best in the medicare. In the year 2000 we began our journey as a 20 bedded hospital with the launch of FID NTR GASTRO & LIVER CARE Pvt Ltd. It came into being to provide best in medicare. It is the hospital of choice for the treatment of gastro intestinal emergencies. We have designed an efficient, expertise healthcare delivery system to provide best cure and care. In the year 2006 it has acquired the status of 50 bedded hospital.
Moving with time and technological advances, Harini is equipped with all the state of the art medical equipment that matches the global standards.
  • World class diagnostic services
  • Liver Fibro Scan
  • Advanced Fuzinon
  • Blue laser Imaging technology
  • Fuzino double balloon endoscopy
  • 16 scopes
  • 4 endoscopy suites of global standards
  • 4 full time super speciality consultation centers
  • Automated endoscope reprocesses twin tub
  • Medivator D50 201
  • Endoscope, ultrasound-Degrcon
  • Beyond the lumen
  • International standard modular operation theatre

Harini Today

Rise Of Harini

Harini hospitals over the years has grown into a centre of excellence with a respectful position in the mediscape with commendable trust of its patients and complete commitment of its team ,today it has consolidated its portion as the very first hospital in the state of Andhra pradesh to have most modern healthcare and diagnostic facilities such as liver fibroscan, advanced blue laser, imaging technology, fuzinon double balloon endoscopy, 4 endoscopy suites of international standards, 4 full time super speciality consultations, two molecular surgery theatres of international standards.
Backed by a journey of 18 eventful years with an excellent track record as amiable, affordable, accessible and reliable health care provider situated in a gamut of world class services and facilities, a professional team focussed on delivering exceptional care with a personal touch. We are amongst finest health capital of Navyandhrapradesh and certainly the most preferred hospital in the region.

Harini always ahead of the rest

Harini Hospitals always on the lead to provide new dimension in the medical process and adopting global standards and updating medical technology advance, innovators. Most advanced technology in endoscopy is now available at Harini Hospitals. Nowhere it exists in the Telugu states. We cannot view all the factors with ordinary light. A minute problem can be detected with the power of blue laser light. We have seven different scopes BLI, LCI, NBI, L+D, Nesal, Zoom capsule endoscopy.
Small tumors and any layer can be detected to provide complete information. Early detection of digestive related cancers can be cured with safe and seccured proper treatment through endoscopy.
Colonoscopor endoscopy will be provided in Harini Hospitals

What we have achieved?

Thousands of livers saved smiles delivered on the faces of our patients and their families blending experience, technology and innovations delivered medical excellence. Integrating super speciality health care services, bringing alternative medicare to the common man’s reach.

The road ahead

We at Harini have been updating ourselves with the latest adversements in the healthcare sector and from the same we have been continuously upgrading all technology to provide better medical services to the patients.

Our professional doctors

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services